Reflection Groups and Coxeter Groups – Spring 2015


Welcome to the course web page for the Spring 2015 manifestation of MAT 690: Reflection Groups and Coxeter Groups at Northern Arizona University.

Instructor Information

Instructor: Dr. Dana C. Ernst
Office: AMB 176
Office Phone: 928.523.6852
Office Hours: 10:00-11:15AM on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays (or by appointment)

What is This Course All About?

TypeDHeapThis course will develop the theory of Coxeter groups. The beauty of Coxeter groups lies in the rich interplay between geometry, combinatorics, and lattice theory. Most proofs about Coxeter groups exploit a combination of methods. The methods that play a role include the combinatorics of words, the geometry of arrangements of reflecting hyperplanes (or the geometry of root systems), order/lattice theory, and linear algebra. We will begin our study with geometry, closely mixed with order/lattice theory, and progress towards an understanding of the combinatorics of finite Coxeter groups. With the geometric intuition in mind, we will proceed to study the more combinatorial aspects of (not necessarily finite) Coxeter groups.