Course Materials

Course Notes

Below you will find notes and handouts that we have used in class, as well as some other useful stuff.

Calculus Videos

There are tons of calculus related videos out there. In fact, I’ve listed a few popular resources on the Course Resources page. Below, I’ve posted links to videos that I feel are particularly relevant to our discussion of calculus. Most of the videos come from MOOCulus.


Below you will find a few applets that are useful for visualizing calculus concepts.

Reviews for Exams

To study for your exams, I recommend looking over and redoing as many homework problems as possible. This includes Daily and Weekly Homework. The correct answers for WeBWorK problems are always made available after an assignment’s due date. In addition, you should read over examples done in class and make sure you understand them. The review sheets posted below provide additional information about what sections and what topics you should be familiar with prior to each exam.