Calculus I – Fall 2013


Welcome to the course web page for the Fall 2013 manifestation of MAT 136: Calculus I (Section 5) at Northern Arizona University.

What is this course all about?

This course is a first calculus course concentrating on limits, continuity, the derivative, and integration. Applications are made to classical problems in physics and other sciences. For more details, see the syllabus.

Instructor Information

Instructor: Dr. Dana C. Ernst
Office: AMB 119
Office Phone: 928.523.6852
Office Hours: MWF at 10:00-11:30AM (or by appointment)

Getting Help

There are many resources available to get help. First, I recommend that you work on homework in groups as much as possible. Second, you are strongly encouraged to ask questions in the course forum, as I (and hopefully other members of the class) will post comments there for all to benefit from. You can also encouraged to stop by during my office hours and you can always email me. Lastly, free tutoring is available in AMB 137 through the Math Achievement Program.