Course Resources

Class Notes and Handouts

Below you will find notes and handouts that we have used in class.

Reviews for Exams

To study for your exams, I recommend looking over and redoing as many homework problems as possible. This includes Daily and Weekly Homework. The correct answers for WeBWorK problems are always made available after an assignment’s due date. In addition, you should read over examples done in class and make sure you understand them. The review sheets posted below provide additional information about what sections and what topics you should be familiar with prior to each exam.

Exams & Quizzes

Below you can find copies of this semester’s exams and quizzes.


Here are some screencasts related to our course content.


Below you will find a few applets that are useful for visualizing calculus concepts.

Free Calculus Texts

Here is a list of free calculus texts that you may use as an additional resource. If you find one of these more helpful than another, please let me know. Also, if you know of other resources, please let me know.

Getting Help

Here is some information on where to get free tutoring and math help on campus. You can find a map showing the location of these services here.

  • Individual tutoring is available at both North and South Student Learning Centers (NSCL & SSLC):
    • One-on-one appointments are available weekdays (Mon-Fri)
    • Appointments are for 45 minutes each, call 928-523-5524.
    • Students are allowed two appointments per week per class
    • Courses we tutor are listed on the SLC: [website](website
  • Walk-in Math Lab at the NSLC only
    • No appointment necessary
    • Open from 10am-8pm, Monday-Thursday and 10-2 on Friday
    • MAT 125, 136 & 137
  • Math Achievement Program
    • Located in Adel Mathematics Building, room 137
    • Drop-in tutoring M-Th 10-6pm, Friday 10-3pm
    • MAT 119, 125, 136, 137 & STA 270
    • Peer Math Assistants attend class and staff drop-in math tables
    • No appointment necessary
  • In-Hall Tutoring
    • Located in Freshman residence halls (Sechrist, Reilly, McConnell, Allen, Wilson, Cowden, Mt. View)
    • Tutor is available Sun-Wed evenings from 7pm-10pm
    • No appointment necessary
  • Online Tutoring
    • Link is available at
    • Tutor is available evenings, weekdays, and weekends.
    • MAT 125-239
  • Here is when the different services begin:
    • NSLC Math Lab opens on Wednesday, August 29th,
    • 1:1 tutoring, in-hall, online, and MAP (MAT 119, 125, 136, 137, STA270) begin on Tuesday, September 4th
  • For further information regarding the above services please feel free to contact:

If you try out a few of the services above, I would love to be kept in the loop as to which ones are more useful than others.